The Vondelpark in Amsterdam is a very beloved park were people recreate, do their daily walks, meet each other all over the year, running, skating or just passing through. Lots of people who grew up in the city of Amsterdam have some personal memories of smaller or bigger life events in the Vondelpark.
I worked with four other photographers, Collectief Lucifer, on the project 'U, Nu!" 150 jaar Vondelpark.
I made pictures that touches the theme of memory and personal connection to places in the Vondelpark.
Together with a big open air exhibition we launched the book U, Nu! 150 jaar Vondelpark. In the book there are texts of five famous dutch writers we had asked to write a small story, a reverie or an association related to the pictures.

Please contact me if you want to order a book.
(the texts are in Dutch, the pictures are of an universal language :-))